Saturday, 8 March 2008

We've had an interesting day today to say the least! Both hubby and I have joined a 'wellness' programme at our doctors surgery. The 'invitations' were sent out a month ago and today we presented ourselves at the appointed time. It was no surprise to me that all the people attending were, shall we say, not exactly slim, just like us.

After having our 'markers' taken, weight, height, blood pressure and waist size (extra large tapes needed for all) we were given a very up-market pedometer which connects to your computer via a USB port. It uploads all our data so that our progress can be monitored. So, filled with enthusiasm we callibrated our pedometers, clipped them to our waistbands and set off on a walk. Within a few steps Peter was in trouble. His belly (the cause of him being on the programme in the first place) had taken on a life of its own and pressed the button on the pedometer. Quick adjustments were made and we were on our way again.

It was a beautiful day when we started out, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we admired the gorse bushes, just coming into bloom. After puffing and panting for the first few hundred yards we settled down to a steady pace and enjoyed the peace and transquility. It was quite windy which made conversation difficult though. Half way through the walk I mentioned the fact that it was going very dark to our right, but as there was still plenty of blue sky I was overly concerned. However, I was a little more concerned when we felt the first spots of rain and we were still quite a way away from the car. Undaunted, we plodded on at a steady pace untill the few drops became a positive downpour. There are not many places to shelter in a country park so we carried on courageously, hoping and praying that around the next corner we would see our car. Eventually, the car came into sight and we thankfully got inside it out of the rain. By this time we were soaked to the skin. Hopefully a little lighter and a little healthier, but definitely very wet.

I was sure we'd walked at least 10 miles, however, the pedometer informed us that we'd walked 4629 steps which hubby informs me is about 4 miles and burned up 274 calories. Stroll on summer!!

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